05 September 2007


Things are a little chaotic right now. We are finally nearing completion of Unit #14 which will be our sales office. However there are some things, which still need to be completed before we may move in and I have some issues. Such as the kitchen!

Here the backsplash is being installed. It should have been done last week.

Oh look! The refrigerator is too short and where the hell is the stainless steel panels. Oh and while I'm at it why is my double oven laying on the floor in the breakfast area and not installed in the wall? AND don't get me started on the cabinets. They look like crap!

Wait is that furniture delivery? OH.MY.GOD.

Quick clean the floors! They were filthy. The plaster and dry wall dust got through the paper covering the floors and then ground in. On top of all this the painter’s tape that was used to keep the paper down has stained the floor. The floors may need to be replaced!

My wonderful dinning room selection. WHAT THE HELL! Why is there a toilet in my dining room? Oh I see it's for convenience and extra seating.

There is no electric, no A/C and no running water as of yet. I'm losing my mind and I need a drink!


Anonymous said...

Do you pick up the wine or do I?

The Other Andrew said...

Honey, come down off that ledge!

Lewis said...

Chaos makes some people happy. Fulfilled. Not me.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like time for brown liquor to me!

jason said...

A toilet in the dining room? Genius, if you ask me.