09 July 2007

Lost Items

Have you ever lost some thing you still wish you had? At the moment I wish I still had these glasses. I loved these glasses. Yes, they are silly, but I loved them. It was 1992 and I was 25 years old. I was living in Athens, GA attending university.

I had some crazy times in Athens. I attended UGA, was part of an experimental band, The Vomits. I created a tremendous amount of art, explored bisexuality extensively (oh!) and just had a blast.

Anyway where was I? Oh yeah, I lost these glasses while me and some friends were visiting Ricky Wilson’s grave. The cemetery caretaker was a mean, nasty old man (probably my age now) who used to chase people away from Ricky’s grave. He would come after you with a pitchfork.

One day while paying homage we were chased away by this man. We panicked and ran up the railway embankment which was covered with kudzu, crossed the tracks to the other side of the embankment. What we didn’t realize at the time is the other side of the embankment was much steeper. The kudzu grew up at such an angle over old bushes and trees we didn’t know we were going to be swallowed up alive by impenetrable kudzu!

Now I must admit we were all rather stoned. So we took a tremendous fall and tumbled down the embankment, much like Buttercup in the Princess Bride. The good thing about this situation we vanished out of sight from that horrible man with the pitchfork.

My glasses disappeared when all this happened. So I am thinking some where in that kudzu are my glasses.

Perhaps I need to make a trip to Athens.


Lewis said...

Some days I long for the past. For Athens. For your glasses. For things long forgotten...or at lease misplaced.

Robert said...

Oh. My. God. Who ARE you? :-)

Hehe... Lovely to hear some of your old stories. I love it. The Vomits? What did you play? Did you sing? If you were the lead singer, I would ABSOLUTELY love to hear it!!!

I'm glad you did get f'd by the guy! That would be 'forked'! ehehe!

K-A said...

That was beautiful, Lewis. ;) Thanks for stopping by!

K-A said...

Yes, The Vomits. Mostly we made a lot of noise and sometimes we covered songs we liked or I should say reinterpreted songs.

I would sing sometimes, but mostly back up. I liked to play the keyboard, bongos, triangle, tambourine and even tin cans. Really anything I could follow along in a tune or jingle.

I have no illusions. We sucked! BUT it was for fun and it was a release. Sometimes it was more performance art then an actual band.

I kind of miss that creative process.

Robert said...

Ahaha, would've loved to have seen you guys performed!!! I bet that it was always a riot! hehe!

I meant to say 'I'm glad you DIDN'T get f'd by the guy'! d'oh!

thombeau said...

Fabulous shades!

Ricky Wilson, RIP...

K-A said...

Yes, they were quite fabulous. Ricky lives on forever in our hearts and his music!

Thanks for visiting, Mr. Fabulon.

The Other Andrew said...

Great story! And look at you in those glasses, so cute! I think Ricky would have been proud to have had a part in this.

K-A said...

Thanks for the comment, Andrew. Yes, I think Ricky's spirit is always around.