17 July 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

I have been really busy with work these days. It’s good though, but it’s not my own business per sae that is keeping me busy. I currently have only one active client. My client pool is kind of drying up like the Ariel Sea. I am however, working part-time for one of my clients, the people who are building the town home development so it is related and a continuing learning experience.

This part-time situation is turning out to be a little more like full-time at the moment, which is good since it’s my only main source of income at the moment. I am pulling together all the details on the spec houses. This is to say I am making decisions on the type of floorings, cabinets, countertops, plumbing and lighting. I also get to do some design work, which means I get paid my design fee.

This morning started out at a Bath and Kitchen showroom where I got to ogle and caress quite a few extraordinary vessel sinks. This showroom had a fully functioning sok® overflowing bath for two with effervescence and chromatherapy. It was amazing! I almost stripped down and stepped in.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with our cabinet company to discuss the final details for the model home. We have decided to change direction on the interior design and so I have to come up with a whole new design. After lunch I have to meet with two of our tile suppliers at their locations. This means I will be let loose upon two fabulous showrooms of state of the art tiles.

I’m so excited!


Lewis said...

Oh my gosh, this sounds really like a lot of fun......even though it's work! And it's nice to be busy....keeps us out of trouble. Thanks for the long, very nice comment on my site. Reallyappreciate it. And, yes, I've heard of the Teen Missionary group you were mentioning. Oh yea, my past life confronts my current. Exciting! Have a good one.

Jen & Stan said...

You Go Girl!!

K-A said...

Jen & Stan? Hmmm, why do you I think this is Jim and Steve!?!?!