30 March 2007

Uber Geek, I Am Not

I come to the realization I am not an uber geek. Yes, it is true. Now this is not to say that I am not a geek in general, because I do love my techno stuff and I do so love my Mac's, but I am not an uber geek. What does this mean to you? Nothing. It's all about me.

I am so happy not to be working in IT administration or on websites for people and I am so happy not to be forcing myself to learn and follow up on my Apple Technician certifications. I realize I have never been truly happy until now. I am a designer. A decorator. An organizer. .... A queer guy with an eye. ;)

Yesterday I spent four and half hours at a furniture store making the final furniture selections. It was really enjoyable. Today I was at the Hidden Pointe Townhome site. The builder, architect and I were going over the plans of the unit the builder purchased. The kitchen was being redesigned. It was a lot of fun!

Then we went to lunch at some meat-eating establishment with really bad wall paper. You know, some kind of BBQ place. I didn't realize we were going there. I did manage to find a small salad with no meat and I dare say I had a huge plate of CHEESE FRIES and diet Coke. They were so good.

Now I am going to spend the next hour and fifteen minutes on the treadmill.

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Lewis said...

ahh, cheese fries! And a Diet Coke to boot....yummy. So glad you're working in your element now. Makes a person feel so much better when that happens.