26 March 2007

Just For Fun

While visiting The Banal Chew the other day he had a post linking to this, The Perception Laboratory's Face Transformer.

So I present the following scary photograph of yours truly. Here I am at the ripe age of 21. Look at that big hair, the tan and what's with the mustache? It was my Miami days while attending the International Fine Arts College (from Hell).

Now after morphing, I present to you the new East Asian me!

Hey let's take it further. Here is my baby, Nora-Grace, the little Boo. Isn't she sweet? Don't let that face fool you. She will bitch slap you given a chance.

Now after morphing, I present to you primeval, ape boo-cat!


Here is Modigliani Boo and last, but not least....

Magna Cartoon Boo!


Robert said...

Okay, now I'm definitely gonna have nightmares tonight from Nora-Grace's pictures... but whew, saved by your sweet 21 picture!! So cute!!! awh!

I feel much better now!! Keep the photos coming. You know how much I love them! heh!

PS. Say, I think VNV Nation has or is going to have a new release out!

Homer said...

You were a hair hopper!