17 March 2007


What is it you ask? Why it's a wax putti ball sphere thingy, duh.

You see it's like this. Melissa purchased this ghastly thing in Birmingham many, many moons ago. It was her plan to give it to someone as a gag gift. Truly, it would make anyone gag. She ended up giving it to Steve and Jim a long time ago. Recently it made its way back to Melissa.

For about six months or so we pondered on what to do with it and how to give it back to Steve and Jim. We came up with the idea to drill a hole into it so we could insert green glow sticks and hang it in there yard late in the evening. Well last night was that night. Steve and Jim had out of town guests and were at a pre-St. Patrick's Day party so we jumped on the opportunity and set our plan in motion.

Look, it's a glowing green Putti UFO ball sphere thingy!

In this picture the power of the Putti ball is attracting spirits to it. In the world of the paranormal the spirits are called orbs. Like attracts like.

Being that Savannah sits on some rather bizarre lay-lines it has a mighty vortex. Often referred to me as the Vortex of Goo.

Since so many terrible things have happened here the goo is powerful and there are many trapped spirits. Savannah is one of the most haunted cities in North America for that very reason.

Melissa, my accomplice could not stop laughing.

Afterwards we returned home triumphantly and finished a bottle of wine! However Steve and Jim telephoned later in the evening and threatened retaliation. Is this the end of the Putti wax ball sphere thingy? We shall see.

P.S. Yes, the beard is gone. WIth the recent weather being in the 80's I can't deal. I am not fond of hot humid weather. When it arrives I get cranky. So there you have it.


Emma Cabrera said...

heehee, that is funny!

Anonymous said...

Only a few (or two) know what the future holds!!
J & S