21 February 2007

Finshed and Ready to Start

I finally finished up with a client. It was quite a long project, which stretched almost three months! Anyhow I am finished and ready to start on another project.

The other day I found out I did get the corporate contract with Hidden Pointe Townhomes. Now I await the details. The owners have a lot going on so it may not be until next week sometime until I hear about details. I am excited about this project because it's huge. My name will be listed in their registry which means when people purchase these homes they may ask for my services.

I can't mention too much about details because I do know I will be signing a non-disclosure once the actual contract is signed and sealed. So I need to find out what I can and cannot say first before I start blathering on about it.

The weather has been cool lately, which I enjoyed. It's been in the 50's F, but now it’s warming up again. Today is 68F, but that's nice too though it's overcast today and it rained earlier this morning. That's because I washed my car the other day for the first time in three weeks. It's the umbrella affect. You know, if we are told it's going to rain and I carry my umbrella with me it won't rain, but if I don't have it on me it will rain. Well, it's the same with washing my car.

There's not much else to say. Oh, Melissa is having the Tappan stove finally installed in her kitchen. It's only been sitting in the foyer for over a year. Yes, it's been sitting there with a sheet of some sort thrown over it. It's been a console table stand in.

Meanwhile the original Tappan stove in the kitchen only has one burner that works and only one oven that kind of works. You need to preheat the bloody thing over an hour before you can cook and then you may be lucky for it to get up to 450F.

I must add though she has made some wonderful meals on such a challenged stove/oven. It will be interesting to see if this replacement actually works. You see she purchased it from a person in Canada on eBay. One is supposed to test such items upon arrival. Anyhow we are both rather excited about the cooking prospects!


Lewis said...

So happy to hear about the corporate contract! How cool is that! Good for you.

Robert said...

Y'know I was just thinking about you today and was gonna write you about your bid on that corporate contract! CONGRATULATIONS K-A!!! That's wonderful news!! You've been quiet lately and I knew something was up! That is great news. They'll most certainly keep you busy. What a good start for a great year, well Chinese New Year anyway! heh!

We have a storm coming tonight in my neck of the woods. I'm excited. I know, I get excited over little things.