30 March 2006


Little Miss Nora-Grace
With The Beautiful Face
She Came From Outer Space
She Fell From The Sky
And Landed In My Eye


Brian said...

That must've hurt. But worth the pain - what a cute kitty!

K-A said...

Yes, it did. ;) She's my baby. Bottle raised, was she. Spoiled!

Homer said...

Mama Cat looks just like Nora, although I hope Nora's breath isn't equally smelly.

K-A said...

Heh, heh. Yes, Mama Cat and Nora-Grace do look alike. Hmmm, Nora does have bad breath.

She won't let me brush her teeth.

Robert said...

Nora-Grace is so cute, and I bet she has a personality to match. Makes me miss my kitty.