26 March 2006

Good Weekend

This is the face of contentment. I had a good weekend! I managed to get a few things done that I wanted to do for some time. I managed to bring several items to Goodwill. Including my old Apple Power Mac 8600. Yes, I finally parted with it and the old scanner. I did however; hold onto my Apple Laser Writer 4/600 PS. It's a perfectly good laser printer. Why not? I recently purchased the original Tangerine iBook that I hope to operate it on. Oh, I can't help it. What can I say, I like all things vintage.

The trip to Goodwill is the first of many. I am purging. I have too. There is change coming. A life change, really. It is very difficult for me to part with things. I am a Taurus. A triple Taurus even! Anyhow, the change has begun. I really cannot write about it now. It's just not a good idea at this point in time, but I will eventually.

Keith and Elvira came over for wine, cheese and fruit. We tried some new wine that was recommended by the package shop I frequent. One of my favourite wines is Bull's Blood, it's Hungarian. Very, light and mild. Anyway, I was told, in their opinion, the Torres Sangre de Toro was better then Bulls Blood. It's not. It has a bitter after taste, which I find to be unacceptable. After we finished that bottle we tried another they recommended. It is called Castano Monastrell. It is a very, very, very dark and heavy wine. It's not red. Oh, no. It is purple! AND it will knock you on your ass. Enough said.

Then to top it all out today was Champagne Sunday with Melissa M. We had a splendid time watching old movies, drinking champagne, eating fabulous food and virtually decorating her large house. Oh, did I tell you I am moving in with her in June?


emma Cabrera said...

You're moving into the Retro Castle? Lucky you, I'm so jealous!

K-A said...

Heh, heh. It's only for two months, but I may need to get a new wardrobe to match while I'm there.

Brian said...

I've been getting rid of stuff, too. Somtimes I think I'd be perfectly happy if I owned nothing. It's nice to clean out the clutter, anyway.

K-A said...

It's just too damned difficult for me to get rid of stuff. I drag my heels, but I am determined.