08 March 2006

Five Vermont Towns Vote to Impeach Bush

I love Vermont! You can always count on the people of the Green Mountains to tell it like it is. Not only is it a land of impeccable beauty, but common sense.

They aren't afraid of the morons in Washington, DC. Now, if only the rest of the country would follow their lead.


Emma Cabrera said...

Yay! I'm proud to be a Vermonter, despite the fact that I choose to live far away.

K-A said...

Let's us return and live in a fabulous house in Montpelier. Your husband can come along too. :)

Anonymous said...

But what good did (will) it do? Those old hippies just keep on complaining and nothing ever changes. It sure is a beautiful state.

K-A said...

John, you're so Jerseycentric. Did you happen to look at the photograph in the article? Some of those people were quite older then what you term "hippie".

Anonymous said...

Like I said, old hippies (55-65). Lefty silliness. What does this have to do with Jersey? My concern is that there are a lot of "gestures" and no action.

Maybe if people truly feel its time for a change, an "active" response is in order. One can draw lines in the sand all day long, but there comes a time when you have to stand and fight - literally.

We've become a nation of complaining "pussies" (John Stewart/Daily Show)over educated, sort-of clever and with too much to loose on a personal level that we're willing to take whatever the government a/o statis quo a/o media shoves at us. We complain but we take it.

Its all just so sad.

K-A said...

Lefty silliness? Okay, Mr. Yuppie.

Anonymous said...

hardly a yuppie. just not left or right. just here.

jj said...

i loved the part about impeaching the "..." (sencured)Bush(man).
I'm glad to see that more and more people from the States start to think for themselves.
greetings from spain.