21 February 2006

Sandman Character?

Dream of the Endless

You are Dream! Many people see you as living in
your own little world. Though you would never
try to harm someone needlessly, you are not
always aware of the consequences of your
(I am not sure about this, but at least I have a full head of hair!)

Which Sandman Character are You?
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Anonymous said...

Snootch! I don't believe it - I'm a snootch.

What's a sandman anyway? Is that a male of the sandpeople race from tatooine?

K-A said...

The Sandman is a 75-part comic book series, written by Neil Gaiman. The central character in the series is Dream, also known as Morpheus, also known by many other names, one of the Endless. He is captured in 1916 by an occult group, and held prisoner until he escapes in 1988. The consequences of his imprisonment become clear in the course of the series.

Robert said...

Hmm... I clicked on the link and it's blocked here at work. I'll have to get back to you on that one K-A! :-)

Robert said...

"You are Death! You are cheerful and pleasant, but you have a deeper meaning. You are optimistic, and can irritate people by this. However, you can also be firm and thoughtful."


K-A said...

Well, sweet Death is my friend I have not known yet and look forward to our eventual rendezvous.