24 February 2006

Happily Shrinking

This morning I decided to stand upon the scale. I have lost another two pounds. So far I have lost 7 pounds! I am very happy about this. Currently I am at 191 lbs (86.64kg or about 13.6 stone) I wish to lose 10 lbs more. Then I'll decide if I need to lose more.

According to the Body Mass Index thingy I am at 26.6%, which is overweight. So, I guess this means 2.5% points less I'll be "normal". The BMI thingy also states my ideal body weight is 166 lbs (75kg or about 12 stone). I'm not sure. To me this seems a little too skinny.

Oh hell, I'm craving chocolate!


Emma Cabrera said...

The BMI does not take body type into consideration, so I only use it as a guideline.

Anonymous said...

According to the BMI, I should be just shy of 175# - that's silly as I'm not happy with the way I look under 240....

go figger.

Robert said...

Ah, here I am!

Congratulations K-A! That's some accomplishment! Now your readers need pictures! hehe! I prefer guys who have a little more meat on them, not sure why. I actually don't like 'em with rockhard abs, etc... Nice to look at I guess, but too much maintenance I reckon.

K-A said...

Yes, yes. The BMI doesn't take account for body type and it is just a guide.

I am exercising simply for my own well-being. I know my family health history and I don't like what I see. I also don't like the idea of hospital bills in the future or the idea of taking pharmaceuticals.

Speaking of drugs. I have a mild form of depression. I don't like the drugs that are prescribed. I found that exercise levels out the chemicals in my brain so I don't suffer as much.

I also have back problems. When I am heavier my back hurts like hell. Another benefit is better fitting cloths. :) I have no intention of getting rock-hard abs or being an underwear model. I don't have the desire or patience.

Garrett said...

Congratz! And keep up the good work! (And I complyete hear you on the chocolate craving!)