03 February 2006

Late Night

It's one of those nights when I know I should go to bed, but I just can't. Instead, it's plenty of red wine, Stevie Nicks and cats gone wild. My children are tearing up the house! They have fully recovered from their operations and are expressing it. I am very grateful for their recovery. The picture above is of Nora-Grace and myself. Yes she has a hyphenated first name just like me. It's difficult to get a picture of her with her eyes open. She doesn't like the flash.

I have been making notations on a pad of paper of all the books that I need to catalogue in Library Thing. I have plenty more to do, but ran out of steam. Currently all the books that don't have ISBNS need to be manually entered so I have had them lying on the shelves on their backs. Isn't this interesting? Anyway I have been recording all the information needed on a pad of paper so I can enter them at a later date and get my shelves back in order.

Of course this requires much wine.





SEE U ...

K-A said...

Oh, meu. Isto é interessante. Obrigado para o comentário.

Derek said...

i've been there myself bud. enjoying the blog

Brian said...

I'm glad your cats are well.

You have an interesting library! We have very similar tastes.

Robert said...

Too cute K-A!!! Nora-Grace looks sleeepy! :-)

So 132 so far on your list. You own and read all those books? You have them in your posession?? That's wonderful... you ultra-smart guy you!

K-A said...

Derek, thank you. :)

K-A said...

Brian, thank you for the well wishes for the cats. Yes, my tastes vary though I don't read as much as I once did.

K-A said...

Robert, I actually have about 200 more to catalogue and I have read them all. Yes, I am brilliant and wonderful. ;) However, all these books are a bitch to move!