02 November 2005

The Fates Are Out To Get Me

I came home from work yesterday. I put the key in the door and the key broke off in the lock. I called my friend Betsy to see if she could bring me my spare set and she did. I figured I could go through the back door in the courtyard, but noooooooo! The doorknob lock was broken and the key would not work.

I had to call Bradley Lock & Key for help. Finally a man with no teeth showed up and proceeded to work on my front door. After what seemed to be a very long time, he gave up on the front door and he went to the courtyard to try his luck with the back door.

Again, what seemed to be forever he throws his tools down in frustration and walks away. I think to myself, okay now what. He returns with what looks like to be a very large spanner, pliers thingy. He then proceeded to tear off the doorknob from the door.

So I finally get in to my apartment at 8:30 PM and $85.00 poorer. The locksmith repaired the front lock and replaced the doorknob on the back door.

What the hell! Are the Fates trying to tell me something? Can't they do it in a less expensive manner? I mean, really!


Anonymous said...

Your only hope for salvation is to move to NJ.

K-A said...

What! Are you crazy? John is that you?

Emma Cabrera said...

I disagree. you're not supposed to move to NJ, but NC. Where I will feed you tea & crumpets.