11 November 2005

Computer Geek Issues

The Vortex of Goo got me last night. My vintage PowerMac 8600 had to be re-imaged and then my almost vintage Cube got messed up because I ran a Mac OS update.

Every time I restarted the bloody thing it would get stuck on "loading Mac OS" and just stay like that forever. I couldn't even get it to boot from disc. So I linked my PowerBook via fire wire and ran some tests. I thought it was all fixed. Then I got the wild hair to restart the PowerBook in the Cube's OS. That was stupid. It wasn't fixed and this time the PowerBook got stuck on the "loading Mac OS". There I was surrounded by three useless computers!

Oh, but wait there is more!

I had to reload an older, non-DVD version of OS on the Cube to get it back up and running. Then I had to boot up the PowerBook as if I were loading a new OS and tweak it to recognize the Cube via fire wire. I then shut down the PowerBook at which point it made me select which operating system I wanted. I finally was able to get it up and running freely of the Cube.

Meanwhile the 8600 loaded perfectly and seems to be fine as is the Cube, but now I need to reload all the Apps. I lost a lot of stuff, but thankfully my music and graphics are all on an external drive.

Sometimes I think I truly hate all these gadgets.

1 comment:

Emma Cabrera said...

I say we get rid of all these gadgets & go live in a cave.