08 February 2008

I’m Here

I made it to Tarboro this Monday past. I left a day later the expected so I had very little help unloading the truck. So I moved everything all myself except at the very end when Miss Betty (aka StillMa or Destin and Emma’s mother) graciously offered to help with boxes and the beastly bedstead, which ways about the same as a Smart Car. She also provided constant pep talks. ☺

The next day I could barely move about, but I did my best. I did lose 3.6 lbs though! The house I am staying in while working in the loft is rather nice. So I have been trying to make it comfortable for a temporary stay without going overboard. Today I am still unpacking some items and searching for other items. It’s weird how things disappear when you move even though everything was clearly marked.

Last night I received an invitation from Robert Whitehead to attended a social function at the Blount-Bridgers House, a historic home directly across the street from where I am staying. Mr. Whitehead has some of his personal collection of African, Caribbean and African American art and memorabilia on display.

I met a few people and handed out my business card. It was quick little event, but I didn’t get to see much of the house. I will have to visit it some time later.

As far as Internet access goes I don’t have it at the house where I am staying, but there’s Internet access at the Main Street Café where I am currently writing this. Also I will be setting up a wireless system at the building where I will be living in soon.

You know it’s funny being new to such a small town. The people here are just so intrigued as to you who you are and where you come from. I mean just walking down the street people just stare. It’s a little unsettling, but amusing at the same time. I guess this is the closest thing to how a celebrity must feel like when out and about in daily life?


StillMa said...

Oh K-A ... you'll figure out small town ways in no time. The staring as you walk is not because you are a stranger, it is part of the small town dynamics. They seem to stare because they need to be certain that they don't know you. If they do know you it is required to say "hey", smile, wave, and show some friendly interest. Not doing so has consequences. "Mary Alice drove by while I was walking and she didn't say "hey" or even wave." That in itself could be the catalyst of the growing rumor that "Mary Alice is stuck-up" or possibly "Mary Alice drinks in the middle of the day and was so drunk last Thursday that she drove right by without recognizing me". Small towns can be an adventure. As they say here. "Welcome to Tarbrah".

Anonymous said...

Could it have been the pink tights or the white pumps that made them stare?

dj-mouse said...

But, you are a celebrity!

gsquared said...

YOu still have too much stuff! HOpe all is well, you will fit fine into small town life. Now you can be a small town character, god knows you have enough quirks of your own.