05 June 2006

Packing Continues

Everywhere I turn I find something to pack. Nora-Grace was helping out too, but I got the wild hair to wrap her in bubble wrap and pack her away. Especially since I just discovered she has been gnawing on a corner of the armoire.

My cat thinks she is a dog. Grrrrr!


Robert said...

Hahaha... cute.. You, Nora-Grace and King Tut [tumb]! Isn't packing fuuuuun!!??? bleh!

Hey, methinks you lost more weight??

K-A said...

Hah, hah. Oh yes, packing is so much fun. It's fun for the whole family. Say, why don't you and Alec come and join in!

I think I may have lost some more, but it's odd. I mean I'm off my routine and eating out often. I feel like I have, but I have not weighed myself for fear of the opposite. ;)

Melissa said...

You have definitely lost weight, so get on the scales and check it out

Homer said...

Ohmigod, you have Tut's coffin at your house! I'm tattle-telling!

K-A said...



Emma Cabrera said...

She's probably teething.