06 July 2008

Casual Weekend

This weekend was a rather casual affair. I worked more on my space and sorted through a mound of paper work. I installed fibreglass insulation as well as foam panel insulation.

The studio room, which currently is serving as a living room has sheetrock on the outside. I have no plans to install sheetrock inside the room so I had to use foam boards, which I attached to the outside using Liquid Nails adhesive. The foam looks great as it has a shiny silver coating on one side.

Other then this not much else went on. Destin came over this evening and we drank a bottle of Pinot Grigio, took unflattering photographs and looked at scary personal adds on Craigslist.

Destin being fresh with my computer.

Too much pinot.

A shape shifting alien pussy.

Man, I don't want to go to work tomorrow.


Robert said...

It's coming along nicely K-A!! Your great work is paying off big time!!! Too much Pinot! Funny! Easy to be taken advantage of. I love it! ;-)

Bleh! I don't want to head back to work tomorrow either! Wishing you have a great week my friend.

Lewis said...

looking good! and, say....would you tell Destin that if he's looking for something to lick......

K-A said...


Thanks! I hope you have a great week too. :)

K-A said...

Thanks Lewis, I'll let HER know. ;)

Anonymous said...

Shape-shifting alien pussies are going to rule the world one day.