20 April 2007

Becoming My Mum

I am becoming my mother. When I was child my mum would have these very strange dreams and then she would awake "howling". Actually it was more like a "woooo". She would do this periodically and wake my father half startled. My siblings and I would also awake sometimes from the strange ghoulish noise. Or if we were up we would think to ourselves, what the fuck?

She would never say what she dreamt of. Perhaps she did not remember? I don't know. I think it's time I ask her if she does remember because I did the same thing last night!

In my dream I was in my car at night. I wasn't driving. I could not close my door fully because something was blocking it. There were wolves outside the door. For some reason I was making a noise and pissing them off. They would growl every time I opened the door a little. They growled and I would try and close the door again. I realised there was a dear hoof stuck in the upper half of the door preventing me from closing the door.

I tried to push the hoof out from the door and for some reason I taunted the wolves with that strange noise and they proceeded to growl and attack the door. Well I woke up making that "wooo" sound real loud. It terrified my cats so they made a beeline out of bed like bats out of hell.

I sat up and said loudly; "Oh fuck, I am turning into my mum!” I then fell back to sleep.


Lewis said...

You're kidding! My beautiful Mommy did the same thing. Scared us half to death. But she never remembered what the dreams were.

Emma said...

lol, my mom once made a chicken noise (Begawk!) but she was awake and it was to get the attention of a group of nuns. She didn't mean to make the noise, that's just the sound that happened to come out of her mouth.

I don't want to turn into a chicken!

Robert said...

Have you told your mom yet about this? I can't wait to hear what she has to say... Very interesting K-A!!

Are you sure the wolves in your dreams weren't trying to get to your pants? I think that's a very good possibility! heh!

seth (on the left) said...

hmmm, sounds like the deer hoof was yours and you were being hunted by the wolves. Ever try making this noise in a bar...you might like the results!