29 September 2005

To Move or Not To Move

My friends in New Jersey wish for me to return. I have not lived in NJ for 19 years. I did return once in 2002 and it was a horrific experience (more on that later). I am not sure I could deal with being there again.

It's a strange place. I felt a sense of familiarity while I was there, but at the same time I felt like an alien. I have been living in the South since I was 19. I am 38 now.

Life up there is very different from here. It seems everyone is in such a rush. However, people here seem to take so damned long to do anything. I think it's because of the heat and humidity.

Hell, I know I have slowed down too. However that is not because of my age! I do need to move for financial reasons, but where? Perhaps I should move to Atlanta again. Oh, I have no idea!

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